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016 – Don´t think about it, call

Conceptualisation and visual development for an awareness-raising institutional campaign against gender-based violence impulsed by the Spanish Government. After analysing past campaigns and talking to victims we focused on emphasising the number to call for help from a close and empathetic position.

We looked at the messages and symbols used so far, the street protests, we listened to the women who suffer violence and heard the professionals that manages the persona cases. We have collected the information related to the messages, both graphical and textual: shapes, colors and meaning, focusing on the communicational spaces.



Tuvimos la oportunidad de participar en la propuesta de la campaña institucional contra la violencia de género impulsada por el gobierno español.

Hemos analizado los mensajes y símbolos utilizados hasta ahora, las protestas en la calle, hemos escuchado a las mujeres que sufren violencia y a los profesionales que gestionan los casos de personas.

Hemos recogido la información relacionada con los mensajes, tanto gráfica como textual:
formas, colores y significado, centrándonos en los espacios comunicativos.

Analysis and context

We have analyzed in detail the concepts and visual elements of the campaigns carried out previously to situate ourselves at a starting point with extensive knowledge.

Análisis y contexto

Hemos analizado con detalle los conceptos y elementos visuales de las campañas realizadas anteriormente para situarnos en un punto de partida con amplios conocimientos

Symbols: The language of this century

Symbols are used to represent an idea that can be perceived from the senses and that presents features linked to a socially accepted convention

Símbolos: el lenguaje de este siglo

Los símbolos se utilizan para representar una idea que puede percibirse a partir de los sentidos y que presenta características vinculadas a una convención socialmente aceptada. 


Color through emotions

Violet is the starting-point color as it stands for feminism.
We have chosen a palette of colors defined by the central position of this color within the chromatic ring situated between red and blue and the gradient that encompasses these three tones.
These colors tell the story depicted in the brand, going through the feelings, from the alert to the tranquility.

El color a través de las emociones

El violeta es el color de partida ya que representa el feminismo.
Hemos elegido una paleta de colores definida por la posición central de este color dentro del anillo cromático situado entre el rojo y el azul y el degradado que engloba estos tres tonos.
Estos colores cuentan la historia representada en la marca, pasando por los sentimientos, desde la alerta hasta la tranquilidad.

Our proposal

Line artwork

Above all, we believe in this form of linear representation because it brings freshness, dynamism and simplicity.

Graphic elements

The visual elements express the message in a very clear, close and fresh way, extending the meaning provided by the linear illustrations

Our proposal is articulated on 3 fundamental pillars:


Number as a claim
We focus on the call, on the number itself.
The 016 is the helpline and we want it to be as recognized as 112.


We wanted to include positive terms that decriminalize the victim, reinforcing the act of calling, openly.
Our claim is structured in two parts:
– The first section refers to what is expected from society, supporting the victim.

– The last, is directly to take action.


Versatility and universality
The universality of the message lies in its graphic strength, in a versatile claim and the number itself, direct and understandable for all segments of the population.
A gesture as simple as dialing 3 numbers and requesting assistance.

Number + call to action
Different lenguages
Number + claim
Number + claim + symbols

Brand Applications