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Fashion Maker Space (FMS): new design and manufacturing processes for fashion at IED Madrid. A part of the  Horizon 2020 EU-funded project RE-Fream.

A lab-based on the research and manufacturing of new processes for the fashion industry using low tech conducted by Isabel Berz at IED Madrid. I was in charge during six sessions of accompanying, teaching, mentoring and learning with 3 IED graduates. We experimented on materials, we generated structures, and we were surprised about the possibilities of the raw material: wool in its fleece. It is about a work in progress, moving forward on the practices and approaches and being amazed by the results. We used materials like wool, bamboo, cotton and others such as PLA (polylactic acid) and metallic thread to create structures and textures. We explored ways of weaving, blending and heating the surfaces. We pleated the fleece and used corn starch bioplastic to harden and breed more rigid surfaces.

Knitting for beginners – IED Fashion School

A small introduction consisted on 8 sessions about the principles of how to deal with a knitwear design? From knowing the basic stitches and materials or yarns to how to use the knitting needles creating some samples. Alumni also had to design a capsule collection, an inspirational moodboard and point out the type of stitch to use in each garment.