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Visual Alchemist: Designer, Researcher, Textile Explorer, and Intuitive Creator

Wearable object d’art.
Upcycled, donated and traceable source materials. Distinctive, singular and unblemished weavings & knits


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madrid en femenino – madrid es feminista

The feminist and alternative version of the street map of Madrid. An interactive, global and participatory digital project whose challenge is to transform the urban space to give voice and visibility to the untold stories of women. It proposes an alternative feminist version of your destination using the GoogleMaps street map as a base blended with the possibility of reading and visualising the events associated with this name. We take the city as a foundation and its communicative totems to establish a dialogue with its citizens, expanding the collective memory.

Madrid en Femenino is a social project, an alternative information layer on the GoogleMaps street map to provide women’s stories based on location searches. Read, see, participate and listen as you reach your final destination.

Strategic and design decisions

  • using GoogleMaps as a starting point
  • creating a layer of information over the street map allowing at any time to return to the toolkit as a guide to avoid getting lost
  • linking biographies readings within Wikipedia of women /Wikimujeres
  • working with chosen duotone to enhance the brand in images and design elements externally and within the application itself, reinforcing the brand identity
  • using augmented reality as a means to expand the existing background information on elements such as monuments or specific locations in the city.

screen navigation + interaction map

Brand assets

Colour of passion and energy, power and action. It blends in and catches the eye.


Symbolises power and nobility. It associates with femininity, contrasting with orange or coral red.




The logo represented by the letter F (feminine) within a circle enclosing the space metaphorically expressed by the environment itself.


This project is part of mutant city

#research  #concept design  #layout and web development  #interactive prototype #health #digital product

noctario – your dreamed application

Noctario responds to the established need from people to develop a space to collect the experiences related to our subconscious while dreaming. It aims to organise behavioural habits to encourage the power of imagination and to get to know oneself better. As a final step, Noctario proposes you update your dreamlike experiences into a book edited by professional writers

Gather your dreams in the shape of images, words, voice notes or drawings to explode your imagination


  • I get frustrated when I don’t remember what I have dreamt
  • Satisfaction in reviewing dream notes
  • Dreams are a source of personal knowledge
  • Each person has their own system of symbols, their own particular language
  • Dreams participate in the consolidation of memory


Encourage your desire to compile dreams by creating a habit of satisfaction for the user by offering the possibility of transforming their dreams into stories.
Specialised professional writers will carefully shape your notes to turn them into what you have dreamt


  • Images from our personal archive
  • Key words
  • Drawings
  • Voice notes

Navigation map

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Illustrations by Ignacio Martín

016 – Don´t think about it, call 

Awareness-raising institutional campaign against gender-based violence impulsed by the Spanish Government. Concept design and visual development. After analysing past campaigns and research, we focused on emphasising the number to call for help from a close and empathetic position.

We looked at the messages and symbols used so far, the street protests, we listened to the women who suffer violence and heard the professionals that manage the persona cases. We collected the information related to the messages, both graphical and textual: shapes, colours and meaning, concentrating on the communicational spaces

Analysis and context

We researched about the concepts and visual elements of the campaigns carried out previously to situate ourselves at a starting point with extensive knowledge

Symbols: The language of this century

We use symbols to represent an idea perceived by the senses. It presents features linked to a socially accepted convention

Color through emotions

Violet is the starting point of colour as it stands for feminism.
We have chosen a palette of colours defined by the central position of this colour within the chromatic ring. It situates between red and blue. The gradient encompasses these three tones.
These colours tell the story depicted in the brand, going through the feelings, from the alert to the tranquillity.

Our proposal

Line artwork

We acknowledge this linear drawing shape for Its freshness, dynamism and simplicity.

graphic elements

The visual elements express the message undoubtedly, in a near and mint mode, spreading the meaning provided by the linear illustrations

Our proposal articulates on three essential pillars

1. Number as a claim


  • We focus on the call, on the number itself
  • The 016 is the helpline and we want it to be as recognized as 112

2. Slogan

We wanted to include terms that positively talk to reinforce openly the act of calling. The claim is structured in two parts:

  • The first section refers to the expectations from society, supporting the victim.
  • The last directly refers to taking action

3. Versatility and universality

The universality of the message lies in its graphic strength. The claim and the number are versatile, direct and understandable.
A gesture is as simple as dialling three numbers to request assistance.

visual identity variations

Number + call to action

Various lenguages
Number + claim
Number + claim + symbols

Brand applications

#concept design  #visual development  #storytelling  #visual identity #brand applications  #research #muskae design studio

Real Home Madrid is a well-known consulting boutique in the real estate sector. A young, dynamic and innovative company whose main characteristics are honesty and good work within the real estate sector in Madrid. 

We studied the character of the business in depth, its values, the team and the location of its offices. We based the design on the headquarters of Real Home, the Casa Palazuelo, a commercial building built in 1919 in the style of the Chicago School, distinguished by its quadrangular floor plan and the elegant combination of curved and convex shapes that run through the galleries

Colour pallette

The colour palette takes a tour of the company’s history. It moves us from the intensity of the cobalt blue night sky to the earthy sand colour through the tranquillity of the moss green and the representation of ardour in the warm grey.

The vibrancy of the colour blocks reflects the young and professional spirit of Real Home. Dynamically and playfully, they are transformed into space, generating great adaptability in graphic applications.

#naming #visual identity  #brand applications #muskae design studio

The commission was to find a suitable name and design the visual identity for a school of integral development and professional growth. The students belong to age groups, from schoolchildren to university students.

The objective is to walk through the path of knowledge and implying humanities at any level with students to help them boost their abilities. To make them reach their deepest goals and convert them into better citizens concerning to social environment.


The Mark Program. The chosen name consists of a double lecture of a noun (mark) empowering the meaning (to leave a mark, a footprint). At the same time includes its acronym within. A remarkable blend of significations leaves a track of motivation, abilities, respect and knowledge. Those are the fundamental pillars of the brand.

Visual identity

The school articulates in moving modules and bold colours, focusing on concepts such as humanity, independence and adaptability.

Brand applications

The pillars of the brand applications are geometries in the shape of rectangles and colours. The aim is to maintain the pedagogical approach in all applications emphasizing the brand values.

Fashion Maker Space (FMS): new design and manufacturing processes for fashion at IED Madrid. A part of the  Horizon 2020 EU-funded project RE-Fream.

A lab-based on the research and manufacturing of new processes for the fashion industry using low tech conducted by Isabel Berz at IED Madrid. I was in charge during six sessions of accompanying, teaching, mentoring and learning with three IED graduates. We experimented with materials, we generated structures, and we were surprised about the possibilities of the raw material: wool in its fleece. It is about a work in progress, moving forward on the practices and approaches and being amazed by the results. We used materials like wool, bamboo, cotton and others such as PLA (polylactic acid) and metallic thread to create structures and textures. We explored ways of weaving, blending and heating the surfaces. We pleated the fleece and used corn starch bioplastic to harden and breed more rigid surfaces.

Knitting for beginners – IED Fashion School

AA small introduction to hand-knit design. Eight sessions about the principles of how to deal with knitwear design. From knowing the basic stitches and materials to how to use the knitting needles to create some samples. Alumni also had to design a capsule collection based on an inspirational mood board to point out the type of stitch to use in each garment.