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Visual Alchemist / Designer / Researcher / Textile Explorer / and Intuitive Creator /

016 campaign against male violence

We looked at the messages and symbols used so far, the street protests, we listened to the women who suffer violence and heard the professionals that manage the persona cases. We collected the information related to the messages, both graphical and textual: shapes, colours and meaning, concentrating on the communicational spaces

Analysis and context

We researched about the concepts and visual elements of the campaigns carried out previously to situate ourselves at a starting point with extensive knowledge

Symbols: The language of this century

We use symbols to represent an idea perceived by the senses. It presents features linked to a socially accepted convention

Color through emotions

Violet is the starting point of colour as it stands for feminism.
We have chosen a palette of colours defined by the central position of this colour within the chromatic ring. It situates between red and blue. The gradient encompasses these three tones.
These colours tell the story depicted in the brand, going through the feelings, from the alert to the tranquillity.

Our proposal

Line artwork

We acknowledge this linear drawing shape for Its freshness, dynamism and simplicity.

graphic elements

The visual elements express the message undoubtedly, in a near and mint mode, spreading the meaning provided by the linear illustrations

Our proposal articulates on three essential pillars

1. Number as a claim


  • We focus on the call, on the number itself
  • The 016 is the helpline and we want it to be as recognized as 112

2. Slogan

We wanted to include terms that positively talk to reinforce openly the act of calling. The claim is structured in two parts:

  • The first section refers to the expectations from society, supporting the victim.
  • The last directly refers to taking action

3. Versatility and universality

The universality of the message lies in its graphic strength. The claim and the number are versatile, direct and understandable.
A gesture is as simple as dialling three numbers to request assistance.

visual identity variations

Number + call to action

Various lenguages
Number + claim
Number + claim + symbols

Brand applications