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Madrid en femenino, alternative female version of the most popular street map

Madrid en Femenino is a social project, an alternative information layer on the GoogleMaps street map to provide women’s stories based on location searches. Read, see, participate and listen as you reach your final destination.

Strategic and design decisions

  • using GoogleMaps as a starting point
  • creating a layer of information over the street map allowing at any time to return to the toolkit as a guide to avoid getting lost
  • linking biographies readings within Wikipedia of women /Wikimujeres
  • working with chosen duotone to enhance the brand in images and design elements externally and within the application itself, reinforcing the brand identity
  • using augmented reality as a means to expand the existing background information on elements such as monuments or specific locations in the city.

screen navigation + interaction map

Brand assets

Colour of passion and energy, power and action. It blends in and catches the eye.


Symbolises power and nobility. It associates with femininity, contrasting with orange or coral red.




The logo represented by the letter F (feminine) within a circle enclosing the space metaphorically expressed by the environment itself.


This project is part of mutant city