lorena madrazo


Visual Alchemist / Designer / Researcher / Textile Explorer / and Intuitive Creator /

The Mark Program

The objective is to walk through the path of knowledge and implying humanities at any level with students to help them boost their abilities. To make them reach their deepest goals and convert them into better citizens concerning to social environment.


The Mark Program. The chosen name consists of a double lecture of a noun (mark) empowering the meaning (to leave a mark, a footprint). At the same time includes its acronym within. A remarkable blend of significations leaves a track of motivation, abilities, respect and knowledge. Those are the fundamental pillars of the brand.

Visual identity

The school articulates in moving modules and bold colours, focusing on concepts such as humanity, independence and adaptability.

Brand applications

The pillars of the brand applications are geometries in the shape of rectangles and colours. The aim is to maintain the pedagogical approach in all applications emphasizing the brand values.